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School Comm

We understand the importance of communication between school and parents. For this we developed “School Comm” , an user friendly mobile application.

“School Comm” is a mobile platform for parents to receive schools’ latest news, read and sign notice, check their children’ performance in school, etc. This platform can effectively speed up the communication between parents and school, also reduce the administrative and time cost in calling or printing notice. On the other hand, it helps parents to understand more about their children’s status inside school, and receive the emergency notification from school more faster than before.

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What is School-Comm?

“School Comm” is tailor-made for school. They can use their own school logo, theme, color style & characteristics, etc to develop an app in representing school image. We also ready the Content Management System (CMS) for school in order to edit and update the content in the app.



The app is applicable for iOS & Android mobile phone.


**App development , CMS cost^ (12 months) and App launching fee (Apple App Store, Google Play Store) are included in the above cost

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Mobile App Function

Personal Account Login

School will assign unique personal login account for each parent to use the app.

Read & Sign Notice

Parents can read and sign the notice through app, and the result will be recorded in CMS immediately.

Latest News

School can update and publish the latest news, such as class suspension due to bad weather, school competition result, PTA newsletter, etc.

Student Information

Parents can understand their children’ situation in school, such as academic result, activities performance.

Instant Communication

The system will send the notification to parent’s app instantly when school update the notice or news. Parent’s mobile could receive the notification even if they are not opening the app.

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