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church mobile app development 教會手機程式
church mobile app development 教會手機程式


Mobpage knows what our brothers and sisters need,  Team builds church communication platform through developing a “Church Information Mobile App”。

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1. Direct Communication

– Contact your fellow members directly
– Reduce one by one communication

2. Receive Messages Immediately

– Customized Messages can be sent to a particular group, more efficient than sending it to a group.

3. Management System

– We provide an online content management system that messages could be sent at any time and integrated with our CCMSCIS systems.

4. User-friendly UXUI interface

– Church App interface suits everyone,simplified and easy to handle.

5. Multi-platform

– Our apps worked in both iOS and Android devices.

6. Roll Call in App

– Once a fellow member reach a particular position, he/she can roll call in the App.

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Integrated With IT CHURCH

1. Fellow Memberships Info

– Our database can collect the data of fellow members,and can be further integrated with other systems for different events.

2. Church Website(CCMS)

– Integration with Church APP and the Church Website, both can be linked to each other.

3. Church Management System(CIS)

– A location function in Church App helps your fellow member to take attenance when login.

What is IT Church?

Details of Functions

church mobile app development 教會手機程式
church mobile app development 教會手機程式

Send Latest News

– Members of Church can send any messages such as information relate to the Church’s event or any arrangements.
– Show what messages are read
– Classify different fellow members in groups
– Mobile App Notification

Notice Reply

– Show what notices are important
– Fellow Membership classification
– Simple Reply Function
– Send to Content Management System directly

Membership Management

– Unique Accounts (Info can be filled, such as name, phone number, email address)
– Login and account management through the Church
– Excel Import and Export
– Classification according to fellowships/groups
– Classification of events and blog posts
– Any spiritual posts/ bible-related posts can be uploaded

Church Enquires and Events

– You can change any rules or details of the event

Mobile App Attendance

– Login Church App for taking attendance once the member arrives in a specified location)

Mobile App Fee

In a particular period, Free Setting Fee: HK$4,000
Each month: HK$300/month (6 months contract)

It includes:

– Standardized App Functions
– Church LOGO and Main Thee Setup
– Content Management System (CMS) Setup
– App Storage, Maintenance Services and Support Services
– App Uploading Fee (App Store, Google Play Store)
– Interface Language: Chinese (mainly)

church mobile app development 教會手機程式
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